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Up, up and away

All 17 Nasturtium seedlings are above ground and growing measurable millimetres daily. I’m thrilled to report a 100% germination rate with all the credit going to West Coast Seeds, who never let me down.


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Sun seeker

piper in the sun

Canis lupus familiaris ‘Alba Westie’
Common name: Piper

This is the only nonplant species — which often occupies the prime spot — in my balcony garden.

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Eight days earlier….

….on June 20th, I planted Jewel Mix and Glorious Gleam Nasturtium seeds (from West Coast Seeds) outdoors in individual pots on my south-facing balcony. This time, I did not disturb them although I did peer very closely at the soil surface at least 4 times every day, searching for the first signs of tiny green shoots.

(This late entry is just for the record.)

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…six baby nasturtium seedlings are poking up their heads from their soil beds. Hurray. The second seed sowing session was successful. Now I am inspired to blog again.

I can understand the seedlings’ reluctance to emerge, though. We’ve had very little sunshine or warmth.

Next to Dr. Linda Gilkeson’s Seedy Solstice talk on year-round gardening, the birth of the nasturtiums has been the biggest thrill of the past week. More about the talk in a future post.

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….for publishing How to Green your Gardening, a collection of tips and previous Treehugger posts. It will take a couple of evenings for me to read all the tips and follow all the links but after I do, I’ll share the best ones for balcony, patio and roof-top gardeners, in other words, those of us who are limited to containers and small spaces.

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Talking ’bout the weather

I garden in zone 8 in British Columbia but without a calendar to remind me of the date, I would guess today was March 18th rather than June 18th. I’m having a hard time getting motivated to sow the second batch of nasturtium seeds. Oh well, no point in waiting for a hot, sunny day. I did that with the first batch and as I already mentioned, none of them germinated. This time to ensure success, I purchased the same varieties as my green-thumbed mom did: West Coast Seeds Nasturtium ‘Jewel Mix’ and ‘Glorious Gleam’.

Given today’s high temp will be only about 13 degrees Celsius (55 F), it’s also hard to believe the first day of summer arrives on June 21st–three days from now. Whether (or weather) cold and damp or hot and dry, I’m looking forward to celebrating this coming Friday and Saturday at the Seedy Solstice Festival, A Festival of Food Community & Sharing sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library and the Necessary Voices Society. I had hoped to bring some seedlings for the exchange. I wonder if I could trade some pretty (but empty) pots for healthy young plants.

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I wonder if many other balcony or roof-top gardeners dream of a future day when they will be able to cultivate ground-level, connected-to-the-earth gardens. Until that time, I will satisfy my longing by visiting my blogging friends’ gardens in the sidebar.

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