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Keri Smith has 10 creative, fun, non-shopping, anti-consuming activities to do today and tomorrow. In fact, they would be 10 great blogging topics or themes. (Hmmm….. I think my blogging dry spell may be over.)

Satsuma Press 2008 Calendar November from 2008 Satsuma Press Calendar

I’d like to bend the rules a little bit, however, and give myself (and you) permission to buy handmade from designers and artists like Lynn. Here’s why: you are not only getting a beautiful, lovingly-crafted item, but also the story behind its development from inspired idea to final creation as well as a glimpse into the mind and heart of an artist. I think this kind of “consuming” keeps the spirit of the day because it’s spreading beauty and joy–it’s not just about getting more stuff we want but don’t need.

Earlier this week I (buyer/consumer) opened eagerly-awaited packages containing these hand-created-and-cranked letterpress creations and immediately dropped everything to sit down and closely observe Lynn’s exquisite depictions of nature, perfectly rendered by simple lines and rich colours. And I (card-and-gift-giver) know my mom and close friends (recipients) will be delighted by them also.

So I hope this kind of buying today and tomorrow is considered “OK.”

Addendum: Based on personal, extremely positive experience, I’d also like to recommend purchasing handmade gifts from Magpie Girl, jen lemen and Christine. I ordered their inspiring, passionate, small and beautiful zines earlier this fall.
I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org


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Mellow yellow


Sunny viola that always shines in November — even on an overcast day.

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