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Galanthus nivalis close-up reproduced under a Creative Commons license

I’m back at work today and have company at home so will have no time to write a proper end-of-year summary for this blog or create gardening (or any) resolutions. Instead, I’d like to echo the 100 Mile Diet bloggers’ Holiday and New Year’s Wishes:

Take time; go simply; choose connection over consumption; live deeply in the place you find yourself. Remind yourself to care.

(Hmmmm……maybe I do have my ultimate list of New Year’s Resolutions after all.)


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Sowing seeds of kindness


25 Days to Make a Difference

I’m not sure if Laura is a gardener but I do know she has inspirational ideas about the best “seeds” to sow in December.

Read about Laura’s project here. And read this post for some excellent reasons why “older children” (aka adults) should join Laura’s challenge for at least one day, if not all 25.

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