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Well, actually I moved this blog to Squarespace almost a year ago, but I’ve been keeping up two addresses until deciding where to make my permanent residence. And I’m going with Squarespace.

If you’re interested in continuing to read my gardening journal where I described the joys and challenges of urban, small-space, low-impact container gardening with an emphasis on plants you can eat, here is where to find me:

The Edible Balcony Garden


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I’m trying to make posting as easy and fast as possible so I have more time to write as well as read and comment on your blog posts.

So I’m thinking of moving this blog to Squarespace where it will be a distinct blog within Greens & Berries  (my blog for dietitians). For now I will publish on WordPress and Squarespace, but would appreciate your letting me know which site, if any, you prefer.

Here is the link to the The Edible Balcony Garden on Squarespace.

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