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An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence. When used individually, the level of satisfaction expressed is most often directly proportionate to the duration of the vowel sound. Source: The Urban Dictionary

The cutting gardenThe cutting garden
This post’s original title was The Hanging, Cutting Garden but even though accurate, it sounded morbid, even creepy to me (and perhaps you, too) so I quickly deleted it in the second draft.

And yes, describing sweet peas as “sweet” is redundant, but I’m going to use the term because…
Sweet peas not yet awake

… it’s sweet (ie., satisfying, pleasant, excellent, I feel exultant!) to:
1) finally report on a successful gardening experiment,
2) look at the view outside my patio doors,
3) cut a few fresh blossoms every couple of days — even though I have to climb on a ladder to do this, and
4) sniff their delicate scent — and I mean deeply inhale.

Good morning, Sweet Peas

A pair of ‘Explorer’ Sweet Pea flowers

Some gardening notes to self for next growing season:

1) Try other varieties. Renee’s Garden Seeds has an excellent selection of sweet pea varieties including container varieties.

2) Grow ‘Explorer’ in pots at deck level and the trailing varieties in the hanging baskets.

3) Follow Renee’s tips for success:
Sowing seeds directly into the garden

Starting seeds indoors and transplanting

Secrets to Sweet Pea Success

4) Grow more sweet peas and fewer nasturtiums. To make room for the sweet peas, I had to give my Mom 75% of the nasturtium seedlings I started.

5) I’m amending #4 to “Grow more sweet peas AND nasturtiums and share the surplus.”

6) Immerse myself in the literature on Lathyrus odoratus, especially The Sweet Pea Book by Graham Rice. The Google Books preview includes excerpts on dwarf sweet peas (page 27) and growing sweet peas in containers (page 31). Based on the preview and rave reviews, I added this “beautifully illustrated and poetically written” book to my wish list.

Happy Green Thumb Sunday, everyone. What adjectives and other flowery words do you use to describe your favourite garden plants? I’d love to know.

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Yellow hyacinths after an April shower
Lemony-buttery hyacinths in our condominium’s courtyard garden. A daily dose of spring colour.
Yellow hyacinth after an April shower

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