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Nasty flowers

'Vanilla Berry' illuminated by the setting sun

This is one flower on the first variety of nasturtiums (“nasties”) to bloom in my balcony garden. Although they are from the seed packet labeled ‘Vanilla Berry’, they look more like “banana peel” to me. The nasturtiums are next to a pot of Heuchera ‘Obsidian’. The colour combination is quite striking.


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What’s up?

Seedlings trying very hard to grow tall and strong in this cool weather.

Nasturtium seedlings_1267
Nasturtiums: Vanilla, Cherry Jubliee, Creamsicle
Lettuce seedlings_1271
Lettuce: Looseleaf, Romaine, Butterhead
Assorted seedlings_1272
Lavender, Parsley, Basil, Alpine Strawberry ‘Mignonette’

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